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Are you looking for a physiotherapist or osteopath in Montreal NDG? Vitalida Physio & Ostéo offers hour long, private, one-on-one sessions, tailored to your needs, combining the best of two professions.

Physiotherapy with osteopathic approach

Physiotherapy is a science that aims to return normal function to the musculoskeletal system. Physiotherapists use various techniques and modalities (such as cold, heat, electrical currents or ultrasound) to relieve pain and inflammation, optimize range of motion, muscle strength, flexibility and/or micro-movement within joints following an injury, stress or trauma.  Passive, therapist-assisted or resisted movements are performed with the physiotherapist and exercises are often prescribed and taught to complete the work.  The frequency of appointments varies, but is usually one to three times a week. At Vitalida Physio & Osteo we tend to yield results with less frequent sessions, since using physiotherapy with an osteopathic approach is often more effective. The advantages of seing a physio who is also an osteopath are many. It can help identify any underlying problems that are stemming from outside the musculoskeletal sphere (visceral or cranio sacral dysfunctions, for example), and may be slowing your recovery. Osteopathic palpation skills are also very useful in optimizing the choice of exercise or the adequate alignment thus assisting in exercise prescription.

At Vitalida Physio & Ostéo , we choose to use a lot of manual techniques, rather than machines / modalities, which means that your therapist stays there, with you, all the time he / she is treating you. We generally favor physiotherapy with an osteopathic approach (which is very effective), over a period of one hour, sometimes using postural rehabilitation techniques such as Mézières, or McKenzie techniques, for herniated discs, for example. Unfortunately, our clinic is not adapted to receive CSST cases, but we accept clients, private or SAAQ.

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a form of natural medicine that treats the root causes of pain and dysfunction. It is a science based on precise palpatory acts that free the body's tissues of restriction. Treatments can address the body structure, such as bone, muscle or tendon as well as the viscera and organs, hereby improving their function and releasing the tensions that cause pain. The osteopath performs a detailed intake questionnaire to establish your body's history and global state of health, then comes forth with a treatment plan, customized for you. Treatment sessions normally last one hour and are once weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or occasional, depending on the need; treatments are curative as well as preventative in nature. Osteopathic treatment is gentle and thus lends itself well to treating patients from birth through to old age.

Ostéopathie Montréal NDG
Conditions treated
Image by Toa Heftiba

Our doubly qualified therapists can treat and help relieve chronic pains due to joints, muscles or nerves, injuries due to sports, leisure, work, car accident or other sources. We can also treat visceral or organic problems, which are not always painful but often bothersome and can refer pain to other body parts or cause joint pains.

The list of conditions we can treat is long but includes, among others, back pain of all kinds, neck, arm or leg pains, sciatica, tendinitis, headaches, migraines, carpal tunnel syndrome, gastric reflux, abdominal pain, sacro-iliac and other pelvic pains, TMJ(jaw) problems, postural misalignment issues... We also treat babies for problems like torticollis or decreased neck or jaw mobility, nursing difficulties, skin problems and more, as well as women during pregnancy for various problems. 

Treatments can also simply address tensions in the body that might eventually become more painful, thereby preventing the development of future injury and disability.

The name Vitalida Physio & Osteo highlights the important role of vitality in the human body and the significant work that Alida and her team accomplish in their everyday task by restoring vitality to their patients' body organs and tissues, and by the same act, contribute to reestablishing mobility, function and global health.

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