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Our Team

Passionate about understanding the human body
Osteopath Montreal NDG

Searching for a Physio- Osteopath in Montreal NDG? Vitalida Physio & Osteo offers private, one-on-one, hour-long sessions in osteopathy and/or physiotherapy adapted to your individual needs. 

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Alida Farrell

Physiotherapist and Osteopath

Founder of Vitalida Physio & Osteo

Alida Farrell, pht, D.O.

  • Graduated with distinction from the Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy program at McGill University (1997-2000)

  • Acquired her Diploma in Osteopathy (D.O.) from the Centre Ostéopathique du Quebec (2007-2013)

  • Worked in Pediatrics at the Shriner's Hospital early in her career and practiced orthopaedic physiotherapy in various private clinics in the Montreal area

  • Became a self-employed physiotherapist with osteopathic approach at her current location (previously named la Maison du Saule) in 2007

  • Founded 'Inspirations Physio & Osteo' in 2015, which became Vitalida Physio & Osteo in early 2019


Marie-France Blais Marchal, pht, D.O.

  • Graduated from McGill University's Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy (1995) and has practiced physiotherapy, mainly in orthopedics, since then, in the private setting.

  • Diploma in Osteopathy from the Centre Osteopathique du Québec in 2015

  • Began working with Alida in 2015 to assist her with her growing clientele and to benefit from her mentorship whilst completing her osteopathy degree


Wissam Wehbe, I.O.

  • Graduated with a university degree in physiotherapy in Lebanon (2001) and practiced physiotherapy there for ten years

  • Arrived in Quebec in 2011 when he began practicing massage therapy and eventually running his own Spa

  • Joined Alida's team in 2017, while studying in osteopathy, to benefit from her mentorship and acquire more experience

  • Successfully completed five years of osteopathy studies in 2019 and is currently in  his sixth and final year of the Diploma in Osteopathy at the Centre Ostéopatique du Québec (2020).


Tara Gallimore R.D., M.Sc

  • Graduated with distinction from a dual bachelor of Kinesiology and bachelor of Commerce from the University of Calgary (2004 - 2011)

  • Earned a Master’s degree in Nutrition from McGill University where her thesis focused on the barriers to dietary behaviour change, as applied to vegetarianism (2012 - 2016)

  • Became a member of l’Ordre Professionnel des Diététistes du Québec (OPDQ) in 2017

  • Lecturer in Sports Nutrition at the National Circus School since 2016

  • Acquired 'Excellence Sportive de l’Île de Montréal' certification in 2019

  • Joined the Vitalida Physio & Osteo team in 2020 to offer complementary nutritional therapy


All of our therapists have a long history of training and experience and are highly passionate about understanding the human body.  We look forward to welcoming you at the NDG Health Clinic and helping you to optimize your health!


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